window: nodimensions: 250 x 353 mmpaper: 80 g / m2pack: 250 pcs..
Ex Tax: 49.50€
Pišite glatko sa FriXion Ball, obrišite ga toplotom sa FriXion gumicom bez oštećenja papira i odmah..
2.66€ 0.92€
Ex Tax: 0.76€
Write smoothly with the medium-point FriXion Ball, erase by heating with the FriXion eraser without ..
2.54€ 0.92€
Ex Tax: 0.76€
Stylish A4 laminator in compact design with WOW colours. Just 3 minutes warm-up time. Suitable for 8..
Ex Tax: 59.70€
This unique and ingenious product allows you to highlight your work and then erase the ink by fricti..
Ex Tax: 1.45€
made of three-ply corrugated cardboard, 400gsm;acid free productcorrugation type: B;spine width: 120..
Ex Tax: 0.60€
Unleash your imagination!Pilot Pintor expresses your creative talent. Want to redesign clothing, per..
Ex Tax: 2.30€
laminator, ideal for home or small office;provides excellent results at the touch of a button, along..
Ex Tax: 64.00€
Deluxe stapler with patented automatic system technologyAutomatic function for effortlessly stapling..
Ex Tax: 24.00€
Cutting length 320 mmDIN A4Cutting capacity 0.8 mmCutting capacity A4 80 g/sm 8 sheetsTable size (ov..
Ex Tax: 67.00€
made of durable aluminium;has a transparent, plastic front glass;back side made of HDF wood board;tw..
Ex Tax: 5.50€
bags with air bubbles to protect shipments from damagewindow: nodimensions: 490x370 mmpack: 50 ..
Ex Tax: 0.31€
made of cardboard 230 gsm;with 3 flaps;coated in high gloss lacquer;format: A4size: 232x320mm..
Ex Tax: 0.12€
The H-327 is a refillable mechanical pencil with a fixed metal sleeve ideal for professional use and..
Ex Tax: 4.75€
economy, made of polypropylene, soft; transparent front cover, PP, 100µm;thick coloured back cover, ..
Ex Tax: 0.18€
Osposobljavanje za rad kod poslodavca
U saradnji sa Zavodom za zapošljavanje Crne Gore, a u okviru Programa "Osposobljavanje za rad kod poslodavca" i Programa "Osposobljavanje" za samostalan rad su angažovana 2 lica.