Labels 105x48

Labels 105x48
  • classic self-adhesive labels, suitable for laser printers, inkjet printers and copying machines;
  • label size: 105x48mm
  • the number of labels on the sheet: 56;
  • weights: front- 70gsm, primer - 55gsm;
  • whiteness CIE: 150
  • QCT-Quatro The Clean Technology-protective field along the edges of the labels, which prevents the accumulation of glue on the printer mechanism;
  • on the back side of the package, 1: 1 view of the distribution of labels on the sheet;
  • Q-CONNECT SOFT compatible with Windows 7,
  • available at or
  • 100 sheets in sales units
  • 8.47€
  • Ex Tax: 7.00€